Mobile Camera Surveillance

The iFleetcam keeps track of your fleet and helps keeping your vehicles, drivers and passengers safe in multiple ways.

Because of the robust system and advanced technical platform the iFleetcam is suitable for all types of vehicles, like buses, taxis, delivery trucks, police, fire security, etc.


Security and fleet monitoring

Camera surveillance has shown to greatly reduce risks for violence against taxi drivers and equally gives the passenger security.

The iFleetsense system gives fleet managers great overview of the fleet and also provides possibilities to track and monitor driver behavior. Support for multiple cameras allows for outwards pointing cameras, that facilitate insurance issues in case of accidents. The possibility to do remote checkups, update configurations and download stills or video over the air reduces the need for expensive downtime in a service workshop to a minimum.

The flexible firmware makes it possible to adapt the iFleetcam to regulatory demands for any market.




Multiple cameras working together

With support for up to eight HD cameras per system, the iFleetcam can give the total overview that is needed in a bus environment. If there is a need for even more cameras, two or more systems can easily be combined.

The cloud platform provides managers excellent overview of the bus fleet and allows real time tracking and monitoring not only of the buses, but also of driver behavior.



Law Enforcement

For tough conditions

Police and other law enforcement practitioners has very high demands on their equipment and the iFleetcam lives up to those demands. The system is durable, compact, reliable and is already used by law enforcement agencies in many parts of the world.




Keep track of your fleet

The iFleetcam is a very affordable way to keep track of your truck fleet. It is easy to install and can be used for monitoring driver behavior and fuel economy. The cameras provide real time overview of the environment, road conditions, etc and can be used as evidence in case of accidents.