iFleetcam for Law Enforcement

Robust for demanding users

Research has shown that after having used in-car camera systems the vast majority of officers don't want to patrol without them and in an extensive investigation of more than 3500 cases 93% of complaints filed regarding police conduct could be dismissed when video evidence was available.

In-car camera systems are not only a reactive tool that provides conclusive evidence of guilt or innocence, they are also proactive in preventing misconducts, officers are expected to conduct themselves more professionally when being recorded.

We know that police and other law enforcing users are extremely demanding when it comes to robustness and ruggedness and the iFleetcam systems won't let you down.

Compared to other systems the iFleetcam provides a robust system (having passed Toshibas extremely rigorous 4000 point reliability test) and at the same time less costly.

Original photo credit to Benjamin Jopen on Unsplash


Tested and used by 100+ law enforcement agencies around the world


The built-in GPS lets you track your vehicle, and all footage is geotagged


Combine 10x optical zoom cam with internal security cams for backseat, etc.


Thanks to multiple IR-diodes the iFleetcam provides good night footage



iFleet 8000

The perfect choice for law enforcement

The rugged iFleet 8000 system is a really robust and high-quality system, that supports multiple cameras and accessories useful to law enforcement agencies.

Although the system supports up to 2TB local storage on either HDD or SSD (plus an extra SD card), it still has a small footprint and is easy to install.

A lockable front and a back-cover made of steel make tampering very difficult. Video is stored in an encrypted format, all to live up to the highest security demands. A 4G/LTE connection makes sure that footage or images are always available to the dispatch through the iFleetcam platform.




The iFleet 900 is an extremely powerful dash camera based on Sony's award-winning HAD ccd technology. With 10x optical zoom, one-touch autozoom and built-in night vision it is the perfect dash camera for police and investigators.


A small, digital clip-on microphone with about 900 m range and generous usage and standby times (20h/14 days). Perfect for the situations when the officer gets out of the car, like during vehicle inspections etc.


The iFleetcam 500 is a good choice for mounting as a backseat, or rear cage camera to monitor suspects during transport. Built-in IR diodes are activated automatically in low light to provide night vision.


Using the iFleet 7-inch LCD monitor the officers can both get live video from the connected cameras and also easily review previously recorded video.

Adaptable to local regulations

The iFleetcam firmware can be adapted to suit local regulations regarding what is allowed and not. Only stills? No problem. Sound forbidden? No problem. Only store for X days? No problem.
We adapt the system to your needs.

Plenty of Connections

The iFleet 8000 has 6 serial ports that allows simultaneous connection of external inputs like tachometer, RF-reader, EMS warning system, IR remotes etc. It also has 8 connections for different signals from the car like speed, rpm, left/right turns, brake, reverse.

Remote checkups and service

With iFleetcam you don't have to call in your vehicles for regular check-ups of the surveillance system. Instead do remote check-ups to verify that everything is working properly. ...or even let us do them for you. Even configuration can be done remotely.