iFleet 4000

Compact 4G/LTE unit with support for up to 4 cameras

With support for up to four different cameras the iFleet 4000 is a perfect choice for small to medium size vehicles like taxis, trucks and delivery vehicles. You can both get a dashcam that provide essential evidence in case of incidents and insurance claim, yet at the same time monitor the interior of the vehicle or cargo area for security reasons. Since it also has support for an external screen (optional) it can even double as a rear-view mirror or backup camera.

The system gives super sharp 1080P Full-HD video that is stored on the integrated SD-card. It sports 4G/LTE connection and snapshots are uploaded automatically to the cloud, while full quality video can be downloaded remotely from the system through the iFleetcam cloud platform. Integrated GPS lets you track your vehicle in realtime and also see where different video/footage was captured. This provides proof in case of accidents and disputed claims.



iFleet 4000 is connected to the cloud through an integrated 4G/LTE-modem


The built-in GPS lets you track your vehicle and all footage is geotagged


Using integrated sensors the iFleetcam offers driver behavior analysis


Thanks to multiple IR-diodes the iFleetcam provides good video quality also in low light

  • 1080P Full-HD resolution
  • Support for up to 4 cameras
  • Built-in GPS/GLONASS
  • G-sensor and gyro
  • External alarm button
  • Both SD-card and cloud storage
  • External monitor available as accessory
  • Lockable steel casing available for extra physical security
Connection Type: 4G/LTE
Bands: LTE-FDD (B1/B3/B7/B8/B20/B28A), LTE-TDD (B38/B40/B41), WCDMA (B1/B8)
Resolution: 1080P Full HD
Supported nr of cameras: 4
Built in camera: No
Storage: SDHC/SDXC (max 256 Gb)
Support for sound: Yes
Emergency/panic button: Yes, external
Nr of external triggers: 3
Nr of external outputs: 2
Serial ports: 1
G-sensor: 3-axis, 100Hz
Gyro: 3-axis, 100Hz
Support for external monitor: Yes
Wifi/bluetooth: USB-dongle (optional)
Power: DC 12V/24V
Operating temperature: -10°C - 55°C
Storage temperature: -20°C - 70°C
Physical size: 90x120x28 mm
Weight: 166.5 g
Certifications: CE, E-mark, FCC, GCF

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  •  Q: Do you pay extra for the SIM-card?
    A: No, all costs for SIM and data are included in the iFleetcam monthly plan.
  •  Q: Where is the SD card placed?
    A: On the iFleet 4000 the SD card is placed inside the main unit, which is usually mounted in a hidden place.
  •  Q: I'm in country X and want to buy, how do I proceed?
    A: Contact Pointguard at sales@pointguard.se or at +4618512020
  •  Q: Can the unit be used standalone, without the cloud connection?
    A: Yes, the iFleet 4000 works without the cloud connection (although some great functionality is unavailable in that case). The footage is then saved on the SD-card and you need local access to the vehicle in order to access the video.