iFleetcam for Private Cars

Your best friend in case of emergency

Being involved in a car accident is dreadful enough without having to deal with critical insurance companies afterwards while trying to remember what happened.

With an iFleetcam onboard you get undisputable proof to aid you while dealing with insurance companies and other parties when investigating an accident. Because footage is automatically uploaded to the cloud on the fly, there will be evidence available even if the camera device is damaged in the crash.

Some insurance companies even lower the insurance costs when a security camera is used and even if yours don't: the small cost for a quality iFleetcam system is nothing compared to what it can save you in insurance disputes, or when it helps you prove your innocence if getting accused or sued for something you didn't do.

Photo credit to JJ Ying on Unsplash


iFleet 1000 is connected to the cloud through an integrated 3G/GPRS-modem


The built-in GPS lets you track your car, and all footage is geotagged


Using integrated sensors, the iFleetcam can also offer driver behavior analysis


Thanks to multiple IR-diodes the iFleetcam provides good night footage


iFleet 1000

Compact standalone system with 3G connection to the cloud

iFleet 1000 is a super compact, 3G connected camera system with everything you need in one single unit. The integrated camera has 170° angle of view. The system gives super sharp 1080P Full-HD video that are stored on the integrated SD-card. Snapshots are uploaded automatically to the cloud and full quality video can be downloaded remotely from the camera through the iFleetcam cloud platform.

Integrated GPS lets you track your vehicle in real-time and also see where different video/footage was captured. This provides proof in case of accidents and disputed claims.



Adaptable to local regulations

The iFleetcam firmware can be adapted to suit local regulations regarding what is allowed and not. Only stills? No problem. Sound forbidden? No problem. Only store for X days? No problem.
We adapt the system to your needs.

Easy to install

The iFleetcam 1000 is so easy to install that most people can do it themselves without going to a workshop. If you rather leave it in the hands of a professional, Pointguard has an extensive network of partners that can be at your service.

Track down your vehicle

As long as the iFleet system is still in the car you can follow where your car is through the iFleetcam cloud platform. A handy feature if you have lost track of your vehicle or if you are worried when your kids have borrowed it...