iFleet 8000

Advanced 3G/LTE multi-camera unit with support for up to 8 cameras

iFleet 8000 is one of the most advanced 3G camera surveillance systems out there with virtually every feature needed. With support for up to 8 separate camera units the system can handle even the most complex surveillance of large vehicles as busses or trams. The system gives super sharp 1080P Full-HD video that is stored on the internal HDD/SSD (up to 2TB), doubled by an SD-card. Snapshots are uploaded automatically to the cloud and full quality video can be downloaded remotely from the system through the iFleetcam cloud platform.

Integrated GPS lets you track your vehicle in realtime and also see where different video/footage was captured. This provides proof in case of accidents and disputed claims.



iFleet 8000 is connected to the cloud through an integrated 3G/GPRS-modem


The built-in GPS lets you track your car and all footage is geotagged


Using integrated sensors the iFleetcam can also offer driver behaviour analysis


Thanks to multiple IR-diodes the iFleet 8000 provides good low-light footage

  • 1080P Full-HD resolution
  • Support for up to 8 cameras
  • Built-in GPS/GLONASS
  • G-sensor och gyro
  • External alarm button
  • Up to 2TB local storage (SSD or HDD) + SD-card
  • 3G/LTE connection to the cloud
  • Advanced triggering systems and multiple serial communication
Connection Type: 3G/LTE
Resolution: 1080P Full HD
Supported nr of cameras: 8
Built in camera: No
Storage: 2TB HDD or SSD + SD-card
Positioning: GPS/GLONASS
Support for sound: Yes, 8ch
Emergency/panic button: Yes, external
Nr of external triggers: 8
Nr of external outputs: 2
Serial ports: 6
G-sensor: 3-axis, 100Hz
Gyro: 3-axis, 100Hz
Support for external monitor: Yes
Wifi/bluetooth: USB-dongle (optional)
Power: DC 12V/24V
Operating temperature: -10°C - 55°C
Storage temperature: -40°C - 70°C
Physical size: 178x170x50 mm
Weight: 1.08 kg (SSD), 1.14 kg (HDD)
Certifications: CE, E-mark, FCC, KC

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  •  Q: Do you pay extra for the SIM-card?
    A: No all costs for SIM and data are included.
  •  Q: Where is the SD card placed?
    A: On the iFleet 1000 the SD card is placed inside the camera body, hidden under a cover.
  •  Q: I'm in country X and want to buy, how do I proceed?
    A: Contact Pointguard at sales@pointguard.se or at +4618512020
  •  Q: Kan enheten användas fristående utan molnkoppling?
    A: Ja, iFleet 4000 fungerar även fristående utan molnkoppling. Bilderna sparas då på SD-kortet och bilen måste komma in när du ska läsa ur bilderna.