About Pointguard

Customer focus for more than 40 years

Since the early 70ies Pointguard has provided equipment to the taxi industry. Always committed to making the customer satisfied and to deliver the best solution for a good price. In 2001 Pointguard started to deliver security cameras and since then the company has been a key player and leading distributor of mobile video surveillance systems for the taxi industry in Scandinavia.

Apart from the iFleetcam system Pointguard provides other innovative products for vehicles and fleets. -Pointguard are the innovators of the iToplight - the world-known state of the art smart, digital roof signs for taxis and other commercial vehicles. The company also produces a large number of other roof signs, booking solutions and iFleetsense - a mobile sensor platform for measuring air pollution.

Pointguard's headquarters are situated in Uppsala, 80 km:s Northwest of Stockholm, Sweden.

Personal and Dedicated

Pointguard is a family-owned company with strong customer focus. We build strong, long-lasting relations with our customers and we are always dedicated to giving them what they need.


Pointguard has a long history of innovation and product development. We develop high technology products for commercial vehicles and fleets, and we only work with top quality hardware.


When it comes to mobile surveillance, few have as extensive experience as Pointguard. While working with mobile cameras for more than 15 years we have established solutions for most issues that can come up when installing, running and maintaining systems.