iFleetcam for Trucks

Your best friend on the road

The iFleetcam system is perfect for trucks while offering a combination of front facing, side facing and rear cameras. It also offers driver behavior statistics of, e.g., sharp turns, braking and acceleration that can be useful to truck fleet managers when trying to reduce fuel consumption.

The iFleet 4000 and 8000 systems can have up to 4 and 8 cameras respectively and both support an external monitor, on which you get a superb overview around your vehicle. The system records super sharp 1080P Full-HD video that are stored on the integrated SD-card (iFleet 4000) or internal HDD/SSD (iFleet 8000). Snapshots are uploaded automatically to the cloud and full quality video can be downloaded remotely from the camera through the iFleetcam cloud platform.

Integrated GPS lets you track your vehicle in real-time and also see where different video/footage was captured. This provides proof in case of accidents and disputed claims.


iFleetcam is connected to the cloud through an integrated 4G/LTE-modem


The built-in GPS lets you track your truck, and all footage is geotagged


Using integrated sensors, the iFleetcam can also offer driver behavior analysis


Thanks to multiple IR-diodes the iFleetcam provides good night footage



iFleet 4000 / 8000

Multiple solutions for trucks

Depending on the size of your trucks, you can either go with the iFleet 4000, which supports up to 4 cameras and uses an SSD for storage, or the iFleet 8000 which supports up to 8 cameras and uses HDD or SSD (up to 2TB) plus a SD card for storage.

The iFleet 8000 is perhaps the most advanced and feature rich cloud connected camera system in the world. It is also a really robust and high-quality system, which is proved by the fact that is has passed Toshibas rigorous 4000 point reliability test. Although has local HDD or SSD storage it still has a small footprint and is easy to fit when installing.

A lockable front and a back-cover made of steel make tampering very difficult. Video is stored in an encrypted format, all to live up to the highest security demands. 4G/LTE connection makes sure that footage or images are always available through the iFleetcam platform without bringing the truck in for service.



Adaptable to local regulations

The iFleetcam firmware can be adapted to suit local regulations regarding what is allowed and not. Only stills? No problem. Sound forbidden? No problem. Only store for X days? No problem.
We adapt the system to your needs.

Plenty of Connections

The iFleet 8000 has 6 serial ports that allows simultaneous connection of external inputs like tachometer, RF-reader, EMS warning system, IR remotes etc. It also has 8 connections for different signals from the car like speed, rpm, left/right turns, brake, reverse.

Remote checkups and service

With iFleetcam you don't have to call in your vehicles for regular check-ups of the surveillance system. Instead do remote check-ups to verify that everything is working properly. ...or even let us do them for you. Even configuration can be done remotely.