Full fleet control

Keep track of your whole fleet

Regardless if you are the manager of a fleet of taxis, buses, trucks, private hire vehicles or emergency vehicles it is important to keep track of your assets. Using a built-in GPS and 4G/LTE modem the iFleetcam will provide you with a clear, real time overview of your entire fleet in a clean, zoomable map view.
In the web portal you can also find historical travel logs for your vehicles and you have the possibility to save reports.

Incident Camera


No matter how safe you drive there is always a risk of accidents occurring in traffic. And when accidents happen the iFleetcam is your best friend. It will provide you with video of what happened and you will have clear evidence when dealing with authorities and the insurance company.


The iFleetcam has a built-in G-sensor that can make it start recording video automatically in case of an extreme event like a sudden break, or a crash. Because of its smart buffer system it can even provide video from right before the event or accident took place.

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Simple installation

The iFleetcam is easy to install

The main unit is small enough to fit behind the dash or in any small compartment and it comes complete with all necessary cabling. If you need help with installation Pointguard has a large network of experienced workshops that can help you.

The camera unit is robust, but not bulky and can easily be mounted towards the wind shield were it will sit nicely without obstructing the driver's field of vision.

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